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Arquitecturas Film Festival accepts applications

The Arquiteturas Film Festival that will be held in September 2014 in Lisbon acepts submissions until 15th of June. The Xerem participates in this second edition as a strategic partner, by supporting the Festival that goes to the second edition focused on a “strong narrative storytelling. An interdisciplinary and open challenge, aiming to explore the more »

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Other highlights

Cristina Ataíde in Berlin

Cristina Ataíde, artist and Xerem member, is part of the exhibition VERITAS in Berlin, a project by Endmoraene e.V

Mónica de Miranda at Venice Architecture Biennale 2014

Mónica de Miranda presents her latest work in video, HOTEL GLOBO, at the Venice Architecture Bienalle collateral project “Ilha de São Jorge” “Ilha de São Jorge” consists of an exhibition and publication, curated by Paula Nascimento and Stefano Rabolli Pansera, and follows the research initiated with the earlier projects “Beyond Entropy Angola” (2012) e “Angola, more »

Andrea Brandão presents Momento 1 at Espaço Arte Tranquilidade

  Artist Andrea Brandão presents new work at Espaço Arte Tranquilidade. The exhibition MOMENTO 1 will be open until the 25th July 2014 and was curated by Maria do Mar Fazenda.